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Great Employee Wellness Practice

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Published: Friday, 22 July 2016
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Great employees do not need to deal with their personal problems alone.  Hublink Co. Ltd employee wellbeing program (HCLWP) believes that,  staffs plus their relatives who may be facing problems that are challenging to handle have a round the clock access to qualified expert, from psychologists to independent financial advisers. If the employees are facing problems, which could possibly affect their work life, for instance mounting debts, household disputes, and employees can choose to seek for some advices from specialists either in person or as group from us. The main purpose for this initiative is to assist employees to navigate issues face in everyday life.

Hublink Co. Ltd believes that by providing psychological and emotional support to the employees the less the company’s productivity will suffer when a staff is in crisis. Under the same initiative, the organization has also put in place an interactive multilingual online portal that offers staffs some health risk assessments that help them make an informed decision to better their psychological and physical wellbeing.

Expertise in Human Resource discovered that there is a very close link between the organization’s bottom line and the employee’s wellbeing. The more satisfied the employees are, the harder they work. For last few years since Hublink Co. Ltd started introducing and also implementing this initiative to the clients there have been positive results.

These activities have generated some positive feedback from the staffs. As Hublink we consistently monitor feedback from the staff and it has been very positive. Staffs enjoy their work life more with these small additions. “As a company with potential employees you should be committed to your workforce and they should be your invaluable assets”.

Happy employees directly translate into happy customers.”

A GREATER EMPLOYEE …. climb corporate hierarchy How?

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Published: Friday, 15 July 2016
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As an employee you should adopt these qualities to make yourself competitive. Employee should not wait to start improving how she/he works. These are some of the traits that make most bosses appreciate and reward their employees.


  1. Self-Managed

As an employee always manage yourself that is being aware of you duties and responsibilities in your organization. Nevertheless, apprehend what it takes to go a step further than what your present duties entails.  Be aware of what make you a competitive advantage to your employer, how to make yourself better, are you aware of your key strengths you can play up and lessen  your weaknesses through  self-learning and training.


  1. Manages up

Perchance one of the greatest qualities of the great employee is to be able to manage their bosses. That does not mean sucking your boss, it simply means knowing your boss’s likes and dislikes and how she/he works. For instance, if your boss like being updated via email may he/she is a very visual person. On the other hand, if your boss likes to be updated verbally she/he perhaps more auditory.  Prepared your boss for meetings, know how to break bad news and unexpected to him/her. You will soon become a key competitive advantage in her/his team.


  1. Managerial

A greater employee should always have a managerial attitude even if he/she is in the lower rung. Think and behave like a manager and see to it things are done the way they are supposed to be done. Manages expectancy of every person in the team, from the boss to coworkers and peers in the units. Stick to the deadlines, do follow up after meeting, have progress reports ready even if they are informal ones like emails.  


  1. Productivity

Manage and prioritize your work, know when to work what. Procrastinating is a major weakness with most employees, therefore avoid it at all cost and especially when they involve cross department participations.  Your delay will affect other people’s work, therefore, a greater employee knows how to manage his/her time well as well as boss’s time


  1. Goal oriented

Work with the purposes in mind, for instance what is the overall purpose of the project, hence every person must contribute to the goals, learn to get result, not just results but impressive results do not just do enough to get by.


  1. Driven

A greater employee has stamina to do an outstanding job. He/she sets the pace for other to follow. If you what to become a great employee at what you do and be appreciated by your employer, look for ways to outdo yourself, be the best you can, even if perfection is elusive, go out and get it.


  1. Patience and hardworking

Have an attitude of “I believe I can do”. Have the audacity and imperturbability to work things out and figure things out even if it sounds very challenging, employers trust employees who have an attitude of  “I can do it”  in approaching work.


  1. Detailed-focused

As a greater employee, in everything you always strive to be the best you can. Take initiative to ensure that things are going the right; also make sure that the details are tied down. Spending your time doing what everyone else takes for granted.


  1. Passionate

Like the way one of the management guru said “Peter Drucker” “Those who perform love what they are doing, they know each and every step and each detail builds on another and helps achieve the company objective “ even if it means routine work”. An employer can feel whether employees enjoy their work or otherwise.  Someone who enjoys their work will naturally bring their best to work.

     10. Positive

As a greater employee takes responsibility for everything they do. To be a greater employee, you must contribute positively to the organization. Take initiatives, give suggestions or even be the silent hero who solves challenges quietly. That is how a great employee works. They work to help achieve greater goals for the organization.   

       11. Social

Having great working relationship in all ranks and departments is one of the essential great employee traits. This means an employee can get a lot of cooperation from the colleagues to support you get the work done and the boss will also have lesser people problem, too.


“So do you have these great employee qualities? For more information on how to start using these traits contact Hublink Co Limited trainers 020 2319352 or 0736 494 303 or 0702 494 303 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and this will help you move up the corporate ladder LITTLER easier.”


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Published: Friday, 24 June 2016
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Our Human Resources Outsourcing service is designed for clients who require all of part of their workforce to be outsourced. The objective of Outsourcing is to improve efficiency of the recruitment process as well as the ability of the workforce, to ultimately increase productivity and profits.


In order to do this successfully, we focus on providing continuity of service and consistent high quality, whilst taking full responsibility for performance. As your Human Resources managers we take on the duty of forming and implementing strategy and we would hold ourselves accountable if the level of quality is insufficient or inconsistent. With these responsibilities off your hands, your business is free to concentrate on other necessary goals outside of the HR department.


This is by Hublink knowledge on how vital human resource management is to any business wanting to make it in the modern economic environment.


As a well-recognized outsourcing company, we offer a range of services to address your business needs.

1. staff outsourcing if you need temporary workers for a certain period

2. recruitment concerns,

3. employee record keeping

4. payroll services and accounting,

5. We'll also supervise the replacement process so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business


Our personnel are excellently experienced in a wide range staff management functions and are well trained in all HRIMS and MicroSoft Office applications coupled with our highly developed internal tools that have been proven and tested to effectively manage staff issues.

Our culture and practice demand we respond on the same day during weekdays and we have on call options during weekends.


Allow us to take care of your back office requirement so that you can do more for your business and get those quick wins calling us on +254 020 231 9352 or 0702 494 303 or 0736 494 303 or emails us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,